Do you want to protect your biggest investment? A pre-purchase inspection is vital when it comes to buying a new home. Here’s five reasons why you should invest in a pre-purchase inspection:

A pre-purchase inspection can literally save you thousands of dollars.
A house is one of the biggest investments you are likely to make in your lifetime. Would you buy a car without test driving it first or making sure it had a roadworthy? Why should a house be any different? If the house is going to be your family home or if you are renting it for others to live in, the stakes are high. You want a house that you know is structurally safe. If you don’t have it checked thoroughly by a pre-purchase inspector who is a registered building practitioner, your life could literally come crashing down around you. And that’s just the physical side of it. What about the cost to repair damage that could easily have been prevented by a quick inspection? Or, in the case that you have tenants living in the house, there is no telling the extent of the legal costs on top of your repair bill.

A pre-purchase inspector who is a registered building practitioner is trained to spot damage. Things can be found by an inspector’s trained eye that you would not have been able to find by yourself. The tiniest spot on the wall could be an indication of pest infestation. A registered building practitioner, like Nigel Benn from ZYNC Inspections, make sure they check every inch of your house possible to check for damage. This means they not only walk through the building but get into the roof cavity and underneath the house. Sometimes this involves squeezing through difficult crevices to thoroughly check your home. What might seem insignificant to you, may be the difference between a floor giving way or not.

There could be a variety of problems with your house. Whether it is an existing house or one that has been recently built, there could still be issues with the structure of the home or pests living there. The presence of termites can eat away at a house in between the time it takes to settle the property. Yes, that quickly! This is why a pre-purchase house inspection is so vital for the safety of what will perhaps be your greatest and longest asset. Some other problems inspectors may find are: timber house stumps that have rotten through; water leaks or water damage underneath the house stumps; and slab subsidence (slab sinking) that requires it to be put back to level. Imagine the length of time it would take, and the chaos it would cause your family if these issues were left untreated.

It’s a quick and easy process. Nigel from ZYNC Inspections can check a house in about one and half to two hours. He also returns his results to you on the same day as the inspection. In the world of builders and real estate, this is like a blink of an eye. Think about how short that time is in comparison to the amount of time that would be spent if you had to have repairs made to your house. Particularly if they are widespread structural problems underneath your feet. It’s a no brainer. The two hours of your time is insignificant for a lifetime investment that is your home.

Peace of mind. Cost and time aside, there is something more important than either of these and that is the safety of your family. Heaven forbid there was something wrong with your house structurally or pest related. If a wall or floor boards gave way, we know your greatest concern are the people living in your home. If you have tenants living in the house when something occurs, this could lead to a plethora of legal issues. For your own family, we realise that they are more important and valuable than any house you could ever own. Your loved ones are the ones who make your house a home. This reason alone should be driving you to organise an inspection quick smart.

Whatever way you look at it, the small amount of time and cost of an inspection in relation to the years you live in your house and the amount of money you pay for it, cannot compare. Call Nigel, a licensed building inspector, from ZYNC Inspections today to check your house. Ensure your family’s safety, allow yourself peace of mind and alleviate yourself of any future exorbitant expenses that one simple and easy inspection could fix.