Pest And Termite Inspections

When termites and other pests get into your home, they can wreak havoc while going completely undetected until it’s too late. All it takes is a 2mm gap for termites to get in, and your entire house structure can become completely compromised.

ZYNC’s Pest and Termite Inspections can detect critters early, before they cause lasting damage to your home. The pest and termite inspections comply with Australian Standards 4349.3, and include inspection of the following:

Roof Void

  • Assessment of termite activity in the internal roof structure
  • Check for water leakage which could cause termite-attracting dampness
  • Check ventilation to further prevent dampness
  • Moisture readings to support our findings


  • Check for internal mould, especially in flooring of wet areas
  • Check for internal leaking from water and drainage pipes
  • Careful examination of exposed timber for hollowness using thermal imaging technology

Sub Floor Area

  • Examination of air vents for any blockages that could cause a termite-attracting atmosphere
  • Check for blocked weep holes or poor drainage
  • A thorough examination of the sub-floor of wet areas, which are most prone to dampness


  • Thorough check of boundary fences, outbuildings and trees, which can be a popular nesting ground for pests such as termites
  • An inspection of raised garden beds
  • A thorough check for inadequate drainage or overflowing pipes

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