Pre-Purchase Inspection Combined Building & Timber Pest Inspection Pre-Auction Inspection New Home Hand-over Inspection
from $395 from $495 from $395 from $395
A comprehensive report covering over 1000 structural defects and safety hazards x x Plus additional timber pest report x x
User friendly report with follow up service at your convenience x x x x
Recommendations of appropriate tradesman to perform necessary works x x x x
Registered Builder conducting inspection x x x x
Detailed colour photos identifying problematic issues x x x x
24 hour report turn around x x x x
Inspection booked and managed directly with the Real Estate Agent on your behalf x x x x
Inspection carried out in accordance with Australian Standards 4349.1 x x Plus 4349.3 x x
Backed by Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance x x x x
Specialist pest inspector onsite to identify pest activity and loss of structural integrity x
Thorough pest control management plan x

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